Author - Andrea

What to Wear as an Escort

Entering the hotel, obviously I”ll be wearing regular “street clothes,” its what I wear when I exit the bathroom of the hotel of the clients room. At that point I’m the escort, the secretary, the school girl, the business lady or the slutty escort. Perhaps I’ll be wearing 5″ high heels and those super short skirts they wear in strip shows.

Maybe I’ll give you a lapdance and move my thong aside so you can get a good luck at what you’ve been waiting for.

Escorting in Israel

I’m an escort in Israel, a student. My working as an escort has provided me with the flexibility to study, work my day job and help me finish the month.

I have found that I prefer those visiting Israel as opposed to visiting with Israelis. For one as an escort I really dont want to meet my professor or his colleagues, let along a fellow student. Worse, meeting my future boss or future interviewee.